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From web hosting, business infrastructure to massive OTT TV and VOD streaming, you can rely on us for your business' needs.

Web Hosting

Hosting is a core service offered by Dhilos Networks. We offer the standard LAMP stack, as well as Node.js, .NET Core, Python, etc. If desired, customers can run their standardized application environment inside containers.

Software Development

Building and maintaining software for your business, from a simple CRM, to a network monitoring and management system with autonomous decision making and fault correction.

Network Infrastructure

Designing network infrastructure for your business usecase, providing remote connectivity and a secure application environment, as well as management software for supported hardware and infrastructure.


We are Dhilos Networks

Dhilos Networks is a new ICT consulting firm and infrastucture provider, born out of a need to optimize our customers' experience with hosting software we develop.

Starting out as a simple web hosting service for our web development clients, we have expanded our infrastructure and portfolio of services offered, and have branched out into development, consulting and business networking. As our customers have grown, we grew with them, and we continue to improve, adapt and learn.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, reflected in our core values — Security, Integrity and Availability. We strive to provide services and solutions that fit our customers' needs, and to maintain the appropriate quality of service as a secure and stable platform.

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